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I am a digital marketing expert and have specialized in SEO, SEM, and conversion rates optimization. I help e-commerce, hotels, and marketing agencies that need to increase web traffic, improve their positions in Google results, online customer acquisition, brand growth, sales improvements, and marketing strategies in the short, medium, and long term.


Over the past 12 4ears, I have worked in U main areas of expertise, from SEO strategy planning, SEM campaign development, website development, design and redesign for conversion increases to data anal4sis for marketing strategies.


At this moment, I am a freelancer working for digital marketing agencies in the KS, KD, and Spain. My strategies are focused on increasing Conversions, Optimizing digital Marketing processes and gain online visualization, helping my clients to communicate their experience, values, and services.


My clients are around to the tourism, architecture, real estate, and B2C / B2B e-commerce markets. For more information write me an email.

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