About Me

I started developing sites for myself, I really got hooked on having a website to sell banner ads. I spent hours checking and analysing mainly ESPN and BBC websites in my teenage years. Then I created my first sites, and realised how hard it was to get organic traffic, so I literally got hooked on SEO, and taught myself the importance of UX to get more click on Ads (conversions)... and here we are 19 years later, I enjoying increasing traffic and leads on any site still.

Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation Specialist.

I’m a lead generation expert, specializing in SEO, PPC, and conversion rates optimization. My approach is based on generating business opportunities obtained by organic or paid means. Previously the real situation of the company is studied in order to set up the most appropriate strategy according to the current needs of the firm.


My regular tasks include increasing web traffic, improving Google ranking, online customer acquisition, brand growth, sales improvements, and marketing strategies over the short, medium, and long term.


At this moment, my core clients are startups and local businesses from different industries,  the strategies change up to the needs, industry, budget, and target.


Where I am permanently testing ideas on my own sites, to be applied to my clients’ sites according to the situation to be solved.


What can you expect from my services?

I like to have a close and direct relationship with my clients. All my actions will be in order to achieve the KPIs that we agree on for the specific strategy. Likewise, you will have a weekly update on the status of the actions that have been performed and that will be performed in the following week, in addition to a monthly report on how the situation of the applied strategies is going.

Where are your users?

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When do your users visit?

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