How to Improve your Google Ads

How to Improve your Google Ads

This post talks about how to use your own data in your Google & Facebook Ads campaigns. Many times I found with a really nice, great graphic design and pretty good copy, but the conversion rates of these Ads were really low. Segmentation is basic, but if you mix it with your website data, you will achieve up your goals average.


What you need to improve your Ads Quality.

Each website has different statistics, so it is a big mistake to be guided by general industry data. For this reason, it is important to know at what time (day and hour) you achieve the greatest goal’s number. This will help you to define your Ad strategy. The result will be an increase in the number of objectives achieved, less aggressive campaigns, and a reduction in the ads budget on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

3 steps to enhance your ads

1 – Fix your Goals:

The success of your campaigns will be measured by the number of objectives that are achieved. Therefore, it’s mandatory that your goals have these characteristics: measurable, relevant, specific, achievable, and time-bound. The goals depend on the kind of website you have. For example:

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– Blogs: new subscribers in the newsletter and download some tools or guides.

– Company website: send a contact form, call and arrived at the contact page

– E-commerce: arrived at the paid page, sales products and new subscribers in the newsletter

In the same way, You need to have your goals in Google Analytics, if you don’t have any goals, is the right moment to set up through Google Tag Manager.

2 – Use your own data

The Second Step is to create a strategy based on the times and days when your website has the highest number of conversions. Use this Data Studio Template, with this report, you can look at all the data of your website. You will be able to see all the data on your web in an easy way. You can apply filters and search for really specific data about your goals. These templates even filter data from the source of the acquisition of these goals.

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3 – Send your advertising to the right audience

Adapt your content (images, videos, and text) according to your ideal customer profile. It includes features of relevance to your ideal client. For example, if your ideal customer profile is a girl who eats healthy, practices yoga, is 24 years old, childless, and likes photography, your advertising should indirectly show these characteristics.

Generating an empathy between users and brand is necessary for them to choose your products and services as the best option in the market.

Finally, make the right targeting in each one of the platforms you are using for your advertisements. Include the keywords your ideal customer uses to find your products and services on the market. As well as a bonus, you can employ re-marketing, which is highly effective in any ad campaign.

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