Improve your Marketing and Sales with an Ideal Customer Profile

Improve your Marketing and Sales with an Ideal Customer Profile

In the last times, I look a lot of ads around youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. I understand that the companies need to show the services and products but at the same time are really irrelevant ads.  It seems that they follow a recipe to publish their messages, I think is not the best way, if you want take the attention and show your stronger skills. I mean, the people are in social networks basically to follow friends and take some funny or interesting content, then, why do generic ads without empathy. That’s definitely putting your brand at risk, and at the same time, you’re burning your money.

To avoid it you do start by creating a customer profile for your brand. Asking yourself, what kind of person wants my service or products. To make an ideal customer profile will help you focus your brand in the market niche where you want to be, resulting in the generation of an audience that identifies with a brand. That’s the base to do good marketing.

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Why is a customer profile important?

The importance is based on identifying what kind of person you are going to sell and generate marketing for them.

To be able to offer your services and products you must know how to get there and where to look for that type of customer. In this way, your marketing message will be in line with the empathy and tastes of this segment of your audience. By creating an ideal customer profile, you will orient your marketing strategies to this kind of people

Surely you offer several products and services the ideal is to create several different customer profiles, in the same way you will create a specific content for each profile you have developed. In this way you make a mix between the content created for your ideal customer profile with the “traditional” digital segmentation, the result will be an increase in your conversion rates

The ideal customer profile work for different types of marketing (Social Network, SEO, PPC). Actually, for your self is easier at the moment to generate content ideas and marketing strategies, on the other hand, you can reduce unnecessary expenses in marketing campaigns and be more effective in creating leads for your services and products.

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Ideal Customer Profile Template

I don’t really think you should follow the same template every time you want to do a customer profile, there are things that can be very obvious in some things, I think you just have to select the right questions to create an ideal customer profile.

In this template or questionnaire, you will find a series of questions to create the profile of your user and your audience, once you have solved it, you will use it as a guide to developing any kind of content, you will notice a greater participation of your followers within social networks, an increase in your website conversions and a growth in your newsletter subscriptions.

You should consider that your organic content should contribute to the leisure or education of your ideal client. In the same way, I advise you to know the behavior of your audience before creating a paid campaign

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