How to increase productivity in the workplace

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In the last months, I have been thinking of increasing my productivity and efficiency; the reason is straightforward; I want to have more freedom and spend fewer hours in the workplace and doing home tasks.

Be More Productive at Work

Productivity to me is doing the things, the new assignments, and the backlogs. It’s useless that you are an expert, but you have your tasks and projects incomplete. I made a little point that helped me be most productive and keep the mind’s goals.

Work easy

One of the best advice that I took is the principle “KISS,” which means “Keep It Simple, Stupid,” and short. I’ve listened the first time thanks to Richard Branson; basically, said it everything (work, meeting, and business) must be simple and stupid; without spaces for confusions. If you need to make, explain, or give something, try to be specific. In this way, you will save a lot of time for your team, and you got clear that task or work. On the other hand, if you are doing a new business, try to explain and keep simple, directly and avoid ambiguities in every aspect of the deal; this guarantees saving time money and to get a good relation with your clients. If you have doubts about some topics, just asking.

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Plan your days and week

Spend some time making the to-do list of your week; If you know your days, you will consider the time you need to finish each task. Otherwise, it can be more complicated to remember the priorities of every task that you must do to achieve your goals.

Working early

Usually, the core hours in every work is between 10 am until 4 pm, which means you will be available for clients, meetings, and workshops. If you start to work around 8 am, have the guarantee that of two hours without interruptions. It’s important because when some meetings or long calls happen, you need 28 min to focus on the last task.

Improve the efficiency 

The base of this point is to have a goal; if you have clear your goals in the short and long term, you will focus on each action you do. That helps you be most efficient when you are making your “to-do list.” You will find your priorities to achieve your goals. If you don’t have goals, you will move side to side, and you’ll never get ahead.

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