SEO Keyword Research Service

Gives You Ways to Get Leads and Boost Traffic – Be Seen Now!

Make your business stand out and reach more potential customers easily with our keyword research. Get the right traffic with the right words.

Reach Leads

Effective keyword research is the first step to connect with customers quickly and efficiently. Improve lead quality and enhance conversions with strategic keywords.

Increase your visibility

Find the best keywords to increase your product or service visibility to the right audience! Our targeted keyword research services focus on content creation and amplification for maximum reach.

Boots your Organic Traffic

Increase organic website visits by providing targeted, relevant content that caters to customer needs and interests. Effective keyword research can help to drive qualified traffic.

How Does Keyword Research Impact Success?

By performing keyword research, you can identify the best keywords to target and discover what queries your intended audience is genuinely searching for on Google. The information gathered from these search terms can guide your content strategy and even the direction of your wider marketing strategy.

How do I do it?

Before selecting any keyword, I research the market niche, customer profile, trends and search intent (for me the most important one).

In addition, I take into consideration common factors such as monthly search volume, geolocation, relative terms, and difficulty.


  • Performing comprehensive keyword research can give you a better understanding of existing marketing trends, and assist you in creating content that is focused on relevant themes and keywords your target audience is looking for.
  • By selecting the most applicable keywords for the content you share, you will garner higher rankings in search engine results and consequently bring more visitors to your website.
  • If you have content that is relevant to other business professionals, you can satisfy their desires and direct them onto the journey of purchase, starting with their level of awareness. To achieve this, use keyword research to discover the frequency of searches, the intent behind them, and the most popular terms. This will enable you to provide solutions to the queries regularly asked by your audience.
  • Through keyword research, you can get an understanding of which topics your target audience cares about, and how popular these topics are. This all comes down to the search volume of a particular keyword. By finding keywords with a high number of searches each month, you are able to determine the topics you would like to create content about. Based on that, you can then decide which keywords to target and use in your content.

What do you will obtain from this service?

You will receive two files. A Google sheet with the keywords, volume, difficulty, type of kw (direct kw, long-tail) and another file, which is called “SEO Content Brief”, where I will indicate the structure that the writer must follow to create the content of that URL for which the kw research was done.

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