How to Build a Personal Brand Online

How to Build a Personal Brand Online

I can say that I rejected the idea of personal branding; I found it quite pretentious. I’ve met a lot of “experts,” and in the end, they’re just “bla bla bla.” But, The truth is that they had clients, and I didn’t have any clients just for lack of a personal brand. Then, I created my brand like Franki said, “in my way.” I wouldn’t say I’m the best at something every day. I think the best way to gain new clients and make a name in an industry is to show your knowledge through digital content to those who are looking for that.

After reading many definitions, blogs, and watching personal branding videos to write this post, I can say that personal branding is one of these concepts that anybody knows, but nobody knows what it is.

The first concept that we need to remember is “personal” what’s personal? Is “That it is proper or characteristic of a particular person.” The second necessary concept is that of the brand. A brand is All the elements that make it possible to identify and linked products, services, or processes with a company or a person. When we use both concepts, we can say, “show your skills, your strongest point, your knowledge.”

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Build your Strategy

Gary Vaynerchuk said excellent advice, “speaking the truth, be yourself.” In other words, show your best features with your personality. You don’t need to act or pretend to do another person (that’s so fake). Remember that when you say who you are and how you do it, you show your previous experiences and managed to do it because you did it your way. This style of genuine presentation is very remarkable. It’s essential to have objectives clear that you want to achieve by strengthening your brand.

In my case, I don’t like to brag or self-promote about my work. The way to expose my work has been through digital content for my website. It’s better than your clients to get you and not you chasing your clients. To get customers, you need to have visibility in the market. I think you will need to get all or some that the next options to build your brand:

Your own website

The personal brand website is the brand’s headquarters for you. You must keep your website updated with your success stories, your opinions on a particular topic in your industry or market, and you can show your strengths. Be straightforward with your content, show that the people are waiting; explain your process, expose your personality. Your next client wanna how you work, fix it the problems, how you can help, and how you can to take advantage of their competitors. 

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Make Social media plan

Take advantage of social networks, expose your ideas, work, and interact with users and even with your competitors. Ideally, it would be best to choose a social network where you can attract clients or collaborators. 

Likewise, it would help if you were clear with your social media’s goals, that is the base to make your strategy. Please don’t compare yourself with other brands, maybe, as they have different objectives than yours. Use all the interaction options that social networks have (stories, surveys, questions, tags, live videos, etc.) to make your content. Mainly provides content that helps or educates your audience.


Our ideal customer is often in another brand that no necessary is a competitor, but they have the same customer profile than you.

Start collaborating with digital content with influencers through social media, bloggers as a guest writer, podcasts like an expert, or Youtubers with an interview. The most important for expanding your brand is that they are in the same industry as you. The benefit is high; you will gain brand visibility by showing your knowledge to a different audience and building a “BRAND PARTNERSHIP.”

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To make contact with your potential partners, you need to take their attention (that’s sound obvious); I mean, this is the same when you flirt with somebody; you need to try to be attractive to them. Show your personality, experience, goals, even your influence in your field. Use your social media to “be nice” with them, do some tag, like, comment, stories, or share information to start this link. That can works better than an email directly and cold. 

Create your Portfolio Pdf

If your a graphic designer, filmmaker, photographer, or even interior designer, you should make your portfolio in Pdf. In these professions, It is recommendable to provide as much visual information as possible and expose your style at the highest level. That’s ideal; if you want a big fish, you must invest time making a perfect downloadable portfolio. You’ll be bringing an extra point of professionalism that your competition indeed isn’t.


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