How to Find The Best Keywords for SEO and PPC

How to Find The Best Keywords for SEO and PPC

Some days ago, many friends asked me how to improve his web traffic through the content. It’s a common question and an essential part of the website’s success. Below you can find some advice that you must apply in your content to get the first page in Google.


Choosing the Best Keywords: 

If you do keyword research, you’re thinking of getting web traffic continuously; then, you should write Green content; in other words, write about topics without expired date, e.g., any post you can find in this blog. This kind of content allows you to grow as a brand and build an audience. All content needs to teach, explain, or solved some usually doubts. You can write with the formats “how-to” or “Review – what is best.” 

You choose your keyword depending on the goal and landing page (post, product, review, or comparatives) you have to write. It would help if you thought about what your user needs to solve some situations. That has an excellent effect on improving your brand, conversions, and even your SEO. The reason is that the user will close the doubt about this topic that you wrote. 

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Free SEO & PPC keywords tools

Search Console: 

It’s a Google tool that shows you the keyword for which you are competing on google; you can look at all the keyword behavior click, impressions (times that google show your kw) CTR, and positions.

It’s an excellent tool to take ideas to write your content. You’ll write the keyword, and the tool shows you several a kw roadmap. It isn’t a keyword suggest tool, is more like a tool that says wich the behavior have the users when doing research, 

keyword suggestion tool

It’s a smart sheet made for Narzirt Turrado, a pretty good SEO specialist. This sheet has a formula that uses several APIs from Google, Google News, Google Images, Amazon, and Youtube, allowing you to take all the Keywords suggested by those search engines. This tool is completely free.

Keyword planner by Google Adwords

I’m using this tool since 2011, is pretty cool how you can use this PPC tool to select your Keywords. Kw planner allows you to take the best options by region, city, or even C.P; it said you the volume and the different variables, and even build a customer profile. 

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Yoast SEO Plugin

It’s not a proper SEO research tool, but if you’re using wordpress, this plugin is easy to write the title and meta description of each content. 

Competitor keyword research tool

Competitors are a significant source to find a nices long-tail keyword. I check them with a tool called Ahref; I used it in the last three years, and is pretty good to take an overview of any page; the bad part is that you need to pay it; Ahref has a plan for seven days for US$ 10, could be a good option if you need extra help to find keywords. 

How to use the Keywords

The first rule is to be natural, forget all about repeating the kw six times per every 300 words; believe me, that doesn’t work. You should use the keyword just in the Title, heading, and Alt text (images). I did a kind of steps that every content must have:

  1. Your Title and H1 (main heading) need to use the best keyword that descrived your content on that page. 
  2. It’s mandatory to use only one “h1” or main heading per page.
  3. Use the “H2” when it is necessary.
  4. In case to use “H3,” need to be directly related to the last H2.  
  5. Use Kw long tail in your Title and headings. 
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