SEO Roadmap: strategy, example and template

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Time is life, and time is money. I think that concept of “be a millionaire” all is around to be more productive and have free time. You can achieve it if you are organized. The SEO roadmap needs to be part of your planning tools. It guides for each month, kinda agenda with all the tasks, hours that you will use, and little notes that you need before to do the work.

On the SEO roadmap, you will order the tasks around the priority that they have in your strategy. This roadmap can change a little bit, depends on how it is going strategy evolution. A little advice is to build it focused on the main goals. Therefore, you must create a different SEO roadmap by each page you are managing.

The benefits of a Roadmap

Roadmaps help remain teams on the same focus in terms of tasks, goals, and deadlines. It also helps to remember what stage the project is at and to easily share the updates that have been made. 

SEO Roadmap Example for e-commerce

E-commerce needs to buy that is the main goal. To do it, you need to have some essential elements kinda page speed, the best keywords in your titles, headings, and alt text in your photos, build a good website architecture (links between categories, post, and main pages). Write a stronger description of your product pages (if it’s possible, included testimonials).



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