Starting a successful ecommerce business

Starting a successful ecommerce business

I’ve been working in the last three years with e-commerce, different types, industries, and sizes. The difficulty, problems, and goals are ever similar. Everything is around increases conversion rates, strong social media, and SEO. Don’t surprise in currently shop online or big e-commerce. But, the truth is that if you want to make money, you need some resources and processes to achieve these goals often. I’ve written some tips that help me to raise my numbers in sales and marketing.


 e-commerce performance:

Some studios said that, on average, the user could wait to see a website for 2 sec. Then, page speed is accessible; if your website is slow, your site is doomed to failure. To be directed at this point, you’ll improve your conversion rate, SEO, Ads Campaign, and UX with a good page speed. 

If you have a woo-commerce site, you can use some plugins like wp-rocket, flying pages, or smush pro. On the other hand, you’re hosting should be faster. I recommend or at least a hosting with 1gb ram. Believe me; you’ll fly with this improvement.

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Search engine Optimization for e-commerce

  • It is almost a mandatory start to optimized every category page, but be smart and improve any page (product or category) that makes good money for your business, so your first SEO task is to choose those pages.
  • Stay in your niche and uses long-tail keywords in your title, headings, and alt text even. Understand the user intention is good practice to get a better position and makes sales
  • On your home page, prioritized your category pages over product pages. 
  • On your product pages, write content that allows improving your conversion rates. e.g., reviews, product features, product FAQ
  • Avoid the duplicated content between your product pages.
  • Videos and 360º views could be looks great, but your website will be slow; you’ll lose many users and google positions. I rather good photos (4 max.) and a nice product description

Increasing your conversion rates 

  • Rule number one: every e-commerce works differently; that’s means that your conversion percentage is different from the competitor’s rates; the reason? This number is just a number; each industry, brand, and product are unique. Many blogs said that you should have rates are around 3%, but is a fake; some of those studies have been making just with a statistic of the biggest brands and specific industries. A lot of e-commerce has excellent profits with a conversion rate of around 1%, and other sites have 10% of conversions and generate losses.
  • Another important thing that has a significant impact on each customer (and is a big failure in many sites) is the logo; it’s an excellent element to generate user confidence.
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